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Gamifying brand identity with Simon Thong

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I recently spent 90 minutes with Simon Thong from Revel Consultancy playing a branding game to establish a concrete identity for my new company, Lazy Flora (more on that in another post still to come!).

I wanted to participate in the session because I had heard Simon talk about personality types at Escape the City in London and I could tell he was passionate about it and knew his stuff. As someone who feels passionate about creating a really amazing brand, I was curious to see how this could be applied to what I was doing and how it might propel my business forward.

At the start of the session, Simon explained to me what archetypes were. He is incredibly knowledgeable about his subject matter, and explained to me the history and different permutations of archetypes through history, from Myers Briggs to Carl Jung, with characteristics that can even be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman theories of medicine as espoused by Hippocrates (Hippocrates! Always makes me think of Bill and Ted) and Galen.

The session took the format of two mini games, followed by a third game where the content was more specifically tailored to my brand. Simon used the information from my responses in the games to help me establish my brand archetype. Some of the questions he asked me were difficult to answer, and others were easier. Throughout the process, Simon was careful not to influence my repsones in any way, and he helped me make sense of my thoughts around the questions that I found difficult. The end result was that I discovered a very clear-cut archetype for my brand.

Simon showing me the results of the first game we played to establish Lazy Flora's brand identity.
(Apologies for the terrible lighting; totally my bad...)

Once we had established my brand archetype, we discussed famous brands who also adopt this archetype, famous characters, industries and personalities who embody this brand. As an early-stage entrepreneur, the whole exercise helped me to verbalise my own concept of my brand into a way that is much more easily communicable to others.

Before we started, I wasn’t sure what a branding session with Simon would entail, I just knew that I needed help! However, over the course of just 90 minutes, Simon took me on a journey of brand (and self-) discovery, and I now can’t help but think of the world in terms of these archetypes. It opened up a world of understanding for me that have really helped to develop the identity of Lazy Flora, as well as understand other people’s marketing techniques. And because it was done in the form of a game, it was fun!

Simon is an exceptionally good humoured and fun guy, but he is highly credible too. Throughout the session, he gradually built up the level of information and my understanding, and he coached me through the thought process to establish an archetype for my business.

As a result of the activity:

  • I discovered I have a clearer idea of my brand identity than I had realised – before the session, my greatest challenge was in communicating it to others.
  • I am now better able to communicate my brand identity to others, including designers, developers, copywriters and, most importantly, customers.
  • I am building a brand that I’m confident represents the values of my company, in a way that is aligned with – but separate from – my own personal values.
  • I am able to recognize other brands with a similar archetype and study them for hints and tips as to how to create an amazing brand that I’m really proud of.

Revel Consultancy is a boutique consultancy founded by Simon Thong for brand development and leadership capabilities. Simon has 25 years' experience leading multiple brands, including brands within Unilever and Nestle.

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