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2017 habits

Challenging myself to develop microhabits in 2017

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This article was originally published on my blog at Wantrepreneur on 2 December, 2016.

What is #2017habits?

#2017habits is an entrepreneurial challenge that I've developed, which I opened up during January and February 2017 to anyone who was interested in developing their entrepreneurial skills, regardless of whether they were in full-time employment or already an entrepreneur. 

The challenge pushed people out of their comfort zone and helped to build confidence and momentum around building your own business.

More precisely...

In 2017, I've decided to challenge myself to develop one new microhabit per month. A microhabit is something that takes no more than 15 minutes to complete per day.

  • One new habit every month.
  • I have to do it every day.
  • It has to take 15 minutes or less to complete every day.

What kind of habits are we talking about here?

What kind of habits are we talking about here?

Here's a list of the habits I've already completed, and some that I and some of my friends and acquaintances are planning for the course of this year:


January - mindfulness

February (planned from 1 February) - cold showers

PLANNED (in no particular order)

  • do one nice thing for a stranger
  • interview a stranger
  • run 
  • do 10 pullups
  • do 10 pushups 
  • juggle 3 balls
  • juggle 4 balls
  • do one thing every day that scares you
  • hustle a celebrity every day (ask for something by email or on facebook),
  • a mini adventure every day
  • handstand everyday – aiming to improve a little every day
  • draw a picture 
  • write a paragraph of fiction 
  • watch the sun rise
  • yoga 
  • pilates
  • sit still

Why am I doing this?

I left the corporate world in July 2017 to start my own business (you can read more about my adventures as an aspiring entrepreneur here). After the initial novelty of not having an employer slowly wore off (about 3 months in!), I found there were some things that I found harder than expected, and I felt the need to change the way I was doing things.

I needed more structure in my life, and to pay attention to different things from when I was an employee. Whilst I thought my self discipline was good before, I found it was nowhere near as good as it needed to be. I really needed to take some action to improve it.

I started participating in a challenge set by Dave Cornthwaite from The Yes Tribe to develop a new habit in the 100 days remaining until Christmas. I chose yoga, and you can read about my experience here. On my first attempt, I failed miserably after only a few weeks, but I regrouped, made some changes, and restarted the challenge. After only 30 days, I knew I’d found a magic balance and my life was changing as a result.

All this got me thinking: what other habits could I develop in only 30 days? There are so many things I’ve always wanted to try; always wanted to be good at, what was stopping me from building them, little by little, and seeing which of them stuck?

I’d been looking for a challenge of sorts to set for myself in 2017 (because quitting my job, starting a business, becoming a writer and moving to a foreign country weren’t already enough of a challenge), so I came up with the concept of trying out a new habit each month. This would be a great opportunity to further my entrepreneurial training, step outside my comfort zone, and pursue some interests I’d always had but had never got around to exploring, and potentially inspiring other budding entrepreneurs or generally ambitious people be involved and help them out too so we could spur one another on. Oh, and it sounded like a lot of fun. What’s not to love?!

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